ORCA Spark Brushless Speed control.

ORCA Spark Brushless Speed control.
Brand: ORCA
Product Code: OQSSK13B
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $120.00
Product.No. OQSSK13B

ORCA Q present new Spark ESC, feature the simple version turbo function and simply set up function, also have Sensored and Sensorless motor combo set selection.



- Integrated Turbo Function

- 6 Adjustable Parameter

- Motor Limited : Up to 5.5T

- Motor Type : Sensored / Sensorless 540 Size Brushless Motor

- Voltage Input : 4.8V - 9.9V DC

                           4 - 6Cells NiCD / NiMH

                           2Cells LiPo / 2 - 3Cells LiFe

- Dimensions : 34(L)x36(W)x23(H)mm

- Weight : 57g(Included Wires)   


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