Xray T4 Parts

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Team EAM Extended Body Support Bumper (Cut out version).
The full cut out version with no inserts is recommended for asphalt.  I have another version co..
Team EAM Extended body support bumper.  Cut out with inserts.
After getting fed up with constently having to add more and more foam to the front of my TC to suppo..
Xray Aluminum adjustable body post for T4.
Very handy, easily externally adjustable body post from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Allows for adjustmen..
Xray Composite Servo Saver X-Stiff V2.
Molded composite servo saver set - extra stiff. Consists of 4 springs to make the servo saver str..
Xray T4 Alumn Flex Chassis
Newly-designed aluminum chassis with special cutout openings for increased flex. This chassis is rec..
Xray T4 Carbon Floating Servo Mount
The all-new, unique floating servo holder set includes graphite holder and aluminum bushings. The fl..
Xray T4 Composite Solid Axle Driveshaft Adapter
Molded-composite diff drive shaft adapters for #305184/305188 XRAY Composite Solid Axle. Modular des..
Xray T4 Drive Shaft Replacement Plastic Caps.  3.5mm
Low friction 3.5mm drive pin clips for protection and cushioning of drive shaft pin in diff outdrive..
Xray T4 Eccentric Bushing Set.
Eccentric bushings for adjusting suspension settings, made from tough composite. Fits XB4 alu suspen..
Xray T4 Front 1-hole arm.
Molded composite front lower suspension arm made from hard material. 2mm longer to better fit new..
Xray T4 front body mount set
Front body mount set includes redesigned 6mm-thick bodyposts and all other mounting hardware. Fits X..
Xray T4 Gear Diff assembly.
Complete gear differential set for XRAY T3 includes composite differential case and cover with pulle..
Xray T4 graphite and alumium fully adjustable battery holders.
Innovative adjustable battery holder which allows to move the batteries front and rear but also left..
Xray T4 Hard Steering Blocks
Molded composite steering block of “hard” hardness (H) for foam-tire racing. The steering block f..
Xray T4 High Performance Low Friction Drive Belt
Optional specially-modified high-performance Kevlar®-reinforced 513mm-long, 3mm-wide front drive bel..
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